Formal Dining Room & Powder Room – Before and After

Today we continue featuring our whole home remodel in Rancho Santa Fe, in north San Diego County.   We are going to highlight the formal dining room and the powder room, which were two of our simpler portions of this entire process, but not without huge impact.

BEFORE - Rancho Santa Fe Dining Room

Above you see the dining room as we saw it the first day.  It was a very traditional room that just needed some simple tweaks to bring it up to today’s standards.

We started by replacing the flooring and painting the walls.  Then we removed the dated lighting fixture and drapery.

BEFORE - Rancho Santa Fe Dining Room

The picture above is from inside the formal dining room, looking back into the hallway and the family room.  If you missed seeing the makeover in the family room click here for full details and pictures.

Before - Rancho Santa Fe Dining Room

Can you see it, that ‘special’ lighting fixture?  I’m sure it was ‘all that’ twenty-ish years ago, but we were happy for it to find a new home.

When you look to the left in the photo you will see the doorway that led to the kitchen.  We actually closed up this doorway to allow for more counter and cabinet space in the kitchen.  If you missed seeing the kitchen remodel simply click here for full details and photos.

AFTER - Rancho Santa Fe Dining Room

Ta-Dah – here is the formal dining room after we were done.  We brought in a new solid walnut dining room that seats ten.  A matching buffet was placed in the room which is ideal for serving and the bottom storage serves as storage for all bar accessories and liquor.

The owner was just telling me recently that they’ve received numerous compliments on the new chandelier which features amber colored crystals and an iridescent shade which is magical in the evening or when the morning sun comes through the windows.

The buffet lamps bounce light off of the antiqued glass vase and round wall mirror. The simple canvas ocean art is soothing while enjoying a quiet dinner.

Now lets talk about the powder room.  When I saw it for the first time I knew that was going to need some work.  You will see we literally took it from black to white . . . L I T E R A L L Y.

BEFORE - Rancho Santa Fe Powder Room

Black toilet, black sink, black silver and white foil wallpaper, it had to leave.   Yes, it was time for a makeover.

BEFORE - Rancho Santa Fe Powder Room

BEFORE - Rancho Santa Fe Powder Room

You will see the change of floor types between the hallway and the powder room, it was evident it needed to be changed.

Our first instinct was to have it match the hallway but we were unable to make that happen, so we went with the next best thing, Carrera Marble.  Be still my heart!

AFTER - Rancho Santa Fe Powder Room

This photo shows that we softened up the room by adding lots of white and gray.  The vanity is one that has been in my ‘want to use’ arsenal for several years, so it’s exciting to see it here in all it’s glory.  It’s hard to see, but those beautiful ring handles have crystals, fancy – fancy – fancy.

We are minus a piece of art above the toilet in this photo but I didn’t want to miss this chance to share this photo simply because of that small details.

AFTER - Rancho Santa Fe Powder Room

Inset floor tiles give you look of having an area rug.  There are actually three different tiles on that floor, the main tile, the border tile of the faux rug and the main tile of the faux rug.

The petite arched mirror, the wall sconces and the chandelier all add to the clean and fresh feeling of the powder room makeover.

Amazing how such a small powder room can make me so happy.

Now that you’ve seen this Formal Dining Room & Powder Room makeover’s what are your favorite parts.  I think it’s pretty evident what mine are.

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