Rancho Santa Fe Family Room

This Rancho Santa Fe Family Room room is massive but the end goal was to share some of this room with the adjoining kitchen.  Mission accomplished during our remodeling process.

All of those arched walls were removed, and the kitchen and family room became an open living area.   See the ‘after’ shot.

IMG_3743 2 Before

Outside of the above sliding glass door is the future home of a swimming pool.  At night the view of Rancho Santa Fe is stunning from this side of the house.  To maximize this feature, we greatly increased the width of that sliding glass door.

IMG_3751 2 Before

IMG_3752 2 Before

It was decided to demo this built-in entertainment unit and replacement it with a new, and much larger unit.

The fireplace and the recessed area to its right, was lost in favor of a double entry from the living room.

104_14888 Las Mananas

Ta – Dah!  A new family room for this growing family.

New wood floors continued from the living room into this Rancho Santa Fe family room.

A custom built-in entertainment unit with a bowed front was created and one of my favorite updates of this remodel. Look closely, you’ll see that we built in the various speakers in the upper portion of this unit.

All of the upholstered furniture was custom made which included the twelve foot sectional.

Notice that the wall behind the sofa and around the breakfast nook is gone.  It made a huge and positive improvement to the flow and use of these rooms.

We layered all of the lighting.  What does that mean?  Well, we started with installing recessed ceiling lighting, then we had lighting installed in the entertainment unit and finished with table lamps.  Layering lighting is put into varying heights in a room and is really a must for an intimate feeling.

Why have one sofa table when you can have two.  With such a large sectional we doubled up on these tables which was ideal for a couple more table lamps, but remember you’ll need electrical outlets installed in the floor when ‘floating’  lighting fixture in the middle of a room.

105_14888 Las Mananas

106_14888 Las Mananas

The new bench seat is normally something you might see at the base of a bed but is also perfect when planning on extra seating or a way to divide a room. The low profile of this piece it enables easy television viewing and is fantastic for entertaining.

Now for the surprise, spend a minute looking around the room and think about where we might have hidden something.  Did you find it?

Behind the new entertainment unit there is a small room which enables all of the mechanics of the entertainment units to be hidden.  I’ll leave it to your imagination as to how this area is accessed.

So what are your thoughts about this new Rancho Santa Fe family room?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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