Many of you have already met my incredible assistant Maryann, but I thought it was time for a formal introduction.

Maryann came to me via Michaels Arts & Crafts parking lot.  Yep, it’s true.  Maryann had over heard my husband and myself laughing and having a good time in the local parking lot, a little over two years ago.   When she heard us having a good time she looked over and saw our company vehicle and copied down the phone number thinking she would like to work for a company that can laugh and enjoy life.

Maryann then emailed and called me shortly after that and the rest is history.  The two of us are perfectionists and both have a huge desire to please our clients so the fact that Maryann is now a part of our team has been a win-win.

Often you will find Maryann dropping off samples at clients homes, meeting some of our crew out on a job, delivering fabric, etc.

Maryann also works as a Personal Assistant for other professional women so if you need someone who is trust worthy and a hard worker, just give me a call and I’ll get you her contact information.


There she is . . . . the world’s best assistant.

Recently we had our new company t-shirts and working aprons arrive, Maryann was such a trooper to put on her new shirt and apron and pose for a picture!  She even included some props. Maryann really is the best and has been a huge blessing to our team.

Maryann and Ron

Then there is this man, I’ll call him Ron.  He has been so much fun to work with and even insisted on posing for a picture with our Mrs. Maryann.  You see, this was the first day we wore our new shirts and Ron was insistent that we share them with the world.

How did we meet Ron?  – Recently Ron’s daughter contacted us as Ron was moving to San Diego and needed help hanging and placing hundreds of pieces of artwork that he had gathered from his various trips around the world.   Once I met with Ron I knew we would be great together.  We quickly got started with hanging his art and doing a mini-remodel on his “new” kitchen.

Upon my first meeting with Ron I knew we were in for a good time!  You see Ron has the best sense of humor and he also adored his late wife, two attributes that I highly admire.  Ron is one of those guys that brings out the best in everyone.


We refaced nearly all of Ron’s kitchen cabinets so that he could display all of the china that he and his wife had purchased together.  Maryann and I spent several hours prepping the new cabinets for the new displays.

Maryann - Assistant

Maryann just loves when I get out the camera . . . maybe not, but I certainly appreciate her dedication and attention to our customer’s needs.

Sharing is Caring


Victoria’s Butchart Gardens were on the top of my must see list when I knew we would be heading to Canada.  If you enjoy a beautiful garden and love to dabble in photography, you’ll be in heaven in these manicured gardens.


No need to say much, when you’re at Butchart you just wonder around the grounds and sit down every once in awhile and take in the beauty.

Butchart Beauty

Butchart Rose Garden

The rose garden . . . I have no idea how many varieties of roses there were, but they were so precisely labeled in case you wanted to added anything new to your garden.

Butchart Favorite Flowers

Butchart Gardens Tea House The Butchart Gardens Tea House, this will be on my must do list for my next visit.  It looked so charming and I’ve read some wonderful reviews about the Tea.  If you’ve been there for tea what did you think?

Butchart Gardens House A quaint little stone ‘house’ right near the performing stage and indoor merry-go-round.  Reminded me of some cottages I’ve seen in Europe.

Butchart Favorite Flowers Just a few of my favorite flowers at Butchart.  I don’t think I put my camera down the entire time we were walking through the grounds.

Red Flower Butchart Red Flower Red and purple always look great together.  Is it bad that these colors together remind me of The Red Hats Society?

Iris Flower Stunning colors!

Walking the grounds of Butchart was so relaxing and it felt like you had been lifted to another world.  A very pretty world.  So peaceful.  So beautiful.

Tomorrow we will be the last post on our trip which will be my review of the historic Empress Hotel which has just finished a multi-million face lift. Then . . . we will be back to our regular postings on design.  I’ll also  share the fact we’ve been contacted again by HGTV for an audition.

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This day was filled with a trip to Seattle’s Space Needle and other landmarks that will be forever remembered.

From our awesome hotel, The Hyatt House, we walked across to The Space Needle.  We were there first thing in the morning and were some of the first at the Needle.

From the top of The Needle, the view was incredible because the weather could not have been better.  We could see for miles and found many of the city landmarks.

Would  I recommend this expensive experience?  Yes.  Everyone should go to the top of that city landmark at least once.


ABOVE – This picture was actually taken from the roof of our hotel the evening of our visit to the needle.

Seattle Ocean View

It was a great view from the Needle.  The weather was perfect!

Space Needle Bugs I spy!  The owner of this building has a great sense of humor, they’ve painted some scary looking BIG spiders on the top of their building.

Besides Seattle’s Space Needle, we then headed to another landmark which was just a couple of steps to Chihuly Garden and Glass Museum, just steps from The Space Needle.  If you are a lover of art this is a stop you must make when visiting Seattle.

I’m going to share lots of pictures here just because this gentleman’s art speaks for itself.

Chihuly Glass Art




Chihuly’s Glass House


ABOVE – I was able to meet the Fine Art Specialist who was kind enough to take some extended time to talk to me about Chihuly’s works of art, and about his start into blown glass.  I was very intrigued and please to learn that Mr. Chihuly began his career in interior design.

The above small pieces were priced at $5,000 and above, but they were certainly unique and very much an investment.


Once we finished with our interior tour we were then lead out into the garden where this incredibly creative art continued.


When you enter the tour you are given some earphones to listen to a guided tour through the museum.  You must have your cell phone with internet access to listen to the tour.

We we finished the glass tour we took a short walk across the park to the EMP Museum, which highlights the entertainment industry.

IMG_3478During our visit there was a Star Trek special exhibition which we paid a little more to enjoy.  Here is Mr. Wonderful making the most of the experience.


Look at that creative display!  How many guitars do you think are displayed?


Who hasn’t seen The Wizard of Oz?  Here is the BAD witches hat.

Seeing all of those city landmarks made for a full day, so we headed back to the hotel for some R&R and to pack our bags for our early departure the next morning.

Tomorrow we will cover our time in Victoria, Canada.

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