Playhouse . . . for an Adult

Many of you have heard me discuss the two life sized playhouses that we’ve been designing out in Rancho Santa Fe.  Well, this week we finished the exteriors and are moving onto completing the interiors.  A playhouse . . . for an Adult, who wouldn’t want this type of escape in their own back yard?

The interior of one of these playhouses will have a cabin theme.  I’m not normally one for themed interiors but it just makes sense in this particular case.

Both of these places now have full insulation, electricity, drywall, interior and exterior lighting fixtures, faux wood floors, baseboards and window and door trim.  The larger of the two playhouses, which is two story, has 18 windows.  Yep, 18!

Below is a picture of a few of the items we have ordered for the interior.  Would love to know your thoughts.  What would you add to this playhouse . . . for an adult.   Leave me a comment, what would you bring into this cabin themed playhouse.

Cabin Playhouse



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