How to Pick the Right Paint Color

Paint Selections

Over the last month I’ve been on lots on my clients construction sites.  Today, while testing a few paint selections I  thought it might good idea to share this process with you, my on-line design stars.

1.  First step, I narrow down my search. Do not take the paint swatches for what they look like on the small sample.  Please, no . . .  pretty please, purchase several samples to take to test in the room(s) where the colors will be used.  When in doubt, go with the “muddier” choice and the lighter tone.

Best Gray Paint Colors 2.  While at the store also purchase enough small sponge paintbrushes to go with each paint sample.

3.  When heading out to the site to paint remember to take a pencil/pen, some paper towels and something to place the paint cans on.

4.  Before you open those testing bottles label each lid, bottle and paint brush with corresponding numbers.  So if you have four colors to test you will have four brushes, numbered 1 through 4, etc.

5.  When putting the colors on the wall in your first location paint at least a 12 X 12 size of each color.  After you apply each color write the number on the wall that corresponds to the paint, lid and brush you used.  NOTE:  If you have had a previously dark color on the wall, you may want to use a primer on the wall first, so that you get a true color test.

Testing Paint Colors Finding the Perfect Paint Color6.  You will want to go back and apply another coat of paint, so you should have at least two layers of paint on each paint selection.

7.  In our samples today we had already narrowed down to the fact that we wanted gray but we’ve been trying to find the “right” gray.  We knew we were close so what we did  was narrow it down to our two favorites, but then cut the original color down by 25% and then by 50% and ta-da, we got it!

8.  Once you find the right color please make a copy of the “recipe” that is labeled on the bottle and save it in your computer for future use, especially when you’ve tweaked it for your customized needs.

9.  One more note, when ever possible purdy, purdy, please use flat paint on the walls.  Most flat paints are formulated these days to be washable.  Any type of shine on the walls picks up every imperfection, and besides that it also looks institutional.  Yep, I said it, institutional.

Would love to hear any additional ideas you have for picking the perfect paint color.  Leave me a comment and lets chat.

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