These children’s bedrooms both had some major changes.  We ‘borrowed’ square space from other rooms to bring the rooms up to what the market is demanding in 2018.

The oldest son’s room had an attached bathroom but it was an incredibly strange layout.  We decided to give up the near by laundry room to make a larger attached bathroom and walk in closet.  In turn we gave up the closet in the bedroom for more square footage in the bedroom.

I think the pictures will make it easier to understand.

IMG_1132 New

In the above photo where you see the headboard is where the son’s desk was placed.  Where the window is to the right in the photo is where the colorful striped occasional chair was placed.

IMG_1141 New

The above picture shows the closet that we removed and that is where the double bed was placed.  It truly made a huge difference to gain that real-estate.

Now for the after shots.  It’s always so much to see the before and after shots.


An attached bathroom is nearly a must in all new homes in California.  Is it that way in other parts of the United States.

Here is the before of the attached bathroom.  You will notice that the vanity is underneath the window and is on the immediate left when you enter.

IMG_1135 New

We moved the vanity to be directly in front of you when you enter, with the toilet being to it’s right and then designed a stand up shower and did not include a tub.  Just beyond the shower was the new walk in closet.

Pre-Teen Bathroom Remodel

This worked out to be the perfect bathroom for a pre-teen boy.

Now onto the youngest son’s bedroom where there was no attached bathroom.  We remodeled a H U G E hallway bathroom to be entered from this son’s bedroom and then divided that bathroom into two rooms.  The other half of that old bathroom became the new very large laundry room.  Mission accomplished!

IMG_3757 NewThis little guy was so darn cute when we asked what his wishes were for his bedroom. Simple he said, please make it Orange.  Easy peasy.

Children’s bedrooms should be bright, fun A N D functional.  To much of a theme and you’ll be remodeling every six months.

Ta-Dah, here is the after of this lucky little boy’s bedroom and new (never existed before) bathroom.  These two children’s bedrooms were just fun to work with.


ChildrenTo the left of that desk is where you would follow that wall to head into the new bathroom.

Remodeled Child

This brings us to the end of the two children’s bedrooms and also to the end of this entire home make over.  What are your thoughts?  Did you have a favorite room?  I would love to have your in-put.

Here are the links to the other rooms ‘Before and After’ pictures.

Living Room 

Family Room

Formal Dining Room and Powder Room

Master Bedroom and Bathroom

Children’s Playroom

Now, onto our next remodel.  A large four bedroom home of a bachelor living in North San Diego.  Stay tuned for photos.

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    The children’s new playroom is another room in this Rancho Santa Fe home that had major changes.

    The previous owner had used this area as a private office. This area being directly across the hallway from the new owners young children.   It made sense to have this area dedicated to toys, computer games and just simply, L O T S of fun!

    Before - Children

    When looking at the above photo, keep in mind that the entire wall and door behind the built in book shelf was removed.  This made the room much more open and allowed the parents a chance to keep the ‘fun’ under control.

    IMG_1130 Before

    These beautiful built-in cabinets did not go to waste.  They were carefully removed during the remodeling process and used within the large entry way closet.

    IMG_1127 Before

    You will see that there wasn’t an area that we did not touch in this room.  All of the carpet and wallpaper was removed, as were the the door and a wall.

    IMG_1126 Before

    Coming off of the main hallway,that runs the length of this stunning home, is this hallway.  Here we have the new children’s play room, two bedrooms and bathrooms, and a laundry room.


    Ta-Dah – The new children’s playroom.  It’s so bright and full of life.

    When beginning to work with this family I actually sat down with these two young children (both elementary school) and asked most what they wanted to see in their new areas.  I made a list of their ‘wishes’ and then consulted with mom and dad.

    I’m happy to say we were able to incorporate everything they wanted, including the colors they requested which are orange and blue.

    The above entertainment unit is great for all of the gaming gear and for keeping all of those miscellaneous pieces under control.

    Those two orange poufs in the lower left side of the photo are wonderful when having friends over.   Those poufs and the playful area rug both came from Surya, one of my favorite suppliers.


    The same floor that was used in the other portions of the house continued into this room and the hallway behind the sofa.

    Behind the portion of the sectional that is facing us in the photo is where we removed a wall and door.  By having that removed we gained so much more space.

    The coffee table is actually on coasters.  It can easily be moved from one area to another, again to allow room for lots of play.

    The door to the right of the photo is a closet where all of the games and toys are stored.  The two other doors to the upper left of the photo are to the boys rooms.  Nice and close to all of the kid action.

    Wouldn’t every child be happy with this new children’s playroom.

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      Now onto the dramatic Rancho Santa Fe Master Bedroom & Bathroom.  In these two areas some major changes were made.

      Rancho Santa Fe Bedroom

      When you compare the above ‘before’ photo to the ‘after’ photo, you will notice major changes.  We repainted the entire room, installed new wall-to-wall carpet, refaced the fireplace, installed new Plantation shutters and drapery.

      Rancho Santa Fe Bedroom

      In the above picture is the double door entry coming into the bedroom from the hallway.

      BEFORE - Rancho Santa Fe Bedroom

      Here are the steps leading into the master bedroom from the main hallway that runs the length of the house.

      BEFORE - Rancho Santa Fe Bedroom

      To the right of the double doors is the hallway leading to the master bath and his and her closets.

      Rancho Santa Fe Bedroom

      Ta-Dah!  The ‘after’ shots of this Rancho Santa Fe master bedroom and bathroom.

      You can see the new chandelier that sets the mood in this cozy hideaway.

      The custom chairs are made of a faux gray velvet and the contrasting trim is an ivory faux velvet.  The matching lumber pillows are of the same silky faux velvet.  The coordinating petite ottoman is a great place to kick up your feet and enjoy a cup of morning coffee or an evening cocktail.

      All of the bedding was commissioned with Eastern Accents and because of the various layers of designer bedding it’s fantastic for all types of California weather.

      All of the case goods (ie. headboard, nightstands, dresser) were purchased from Restoration Hardware but I do believe this design has been discontinued.

      115_14888 Las Mananas

      This picture always makes me smile.  The home owner and myself had various discussions about a built-in television.  Ended up that we did have a niche built into the wall.  Look closely and you can see it peeking out from behind the artwork.

      Now onto the master bathroom where some major construction was done.

      Before - Rancho Santa Fe Master Bathroom

      As you walk down the hallway into the master bathroom from the bedroom this WAS the first thing you did see, not any more.

      Before - Rancho Santa Fe Master Bedroom

      Then there was this vanity which was okay but it was extremely short in height by today’s standards, therefore, out it went.

      The shower, oh boy the shower.  If you look to the left of the vanity you will see the L A R G E curved white wall with a teeny-tiny opening to a tiled wall.  That’s the shower.  Honestly, one of the strangest showers I’ve ever seen. It was extremely dark inside, but I’m sure that is what the previous owners were trying to achieve.

      AFTER - Rancho Santa Fe Master Bathroom

      A breath of fresh air.  A new stand alone tub, custom cabinetry, stunning chandelier, and a bright seamless glass shower.

      What are your thoughts on this new master bathroom retreat?

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