2 Life Size Playhouses

This past summer we were in the middle of remodeling project for one of our clients when they surprised us with a new project.  The assembly and interior design of TWO life sized playhouses.  I must admit this was a new challenge for me, but one that I found really exciting.

Delivery - So Many Pieces

(Above) – This is how the houses were delivered, in lots and lots and lots of pieces.  The playhouses did come with directions, but they were limited in details.  Our wonderful General Contractor was a miracle man when putting these two houses together.


The Building Process

Once we started assembling these houses the clients informed us that they wanted all of the walls finished with insulation and drywall, wood floors and electricity.  I think the only thing we ended up not having was running water.


When we first started this project it was intended for lil’ munchkins, aka children, but in the end the owner decided to use the larger playhouse as a meditation room.


I wanted to include this photo (above) so you could see the scale of the house with an adult standing up close.


When it came time to do the interior of this  Rancho Santa Fe large playhouse, the owner wanted a cozy cabin feel and I think we accomplished that task without feeling to dark.  We did design 13 functional flat roman shades which also allows for a calming place for meditation by blocking most light and a lot of noise.   By the way, that chair is so comfortable, anyone could sit there for hours and read a book, or just enjoy some quiet time.


Then there was the sleeping loft.  We had a one piece cushion made that is nearly the size of a twin bed.  This cushion is 4″ in height which is incredibly comfortable for an afternoon nap or a great place to read a book.  All of those custom pillows are just the icing on the cake.


The simple red area rug pulls together the cabin look without being to bold. Take note on how at least one leg of the ottoman is sitting on the area rug.  This is an important designer touch so you can avoid that look of having the rug look like it’s floating in the room.

See those large doors to the right?  We custom made those to accommodate an adult.  The little child sized door on the front of the house is cute, and functional, but not practical for the adult visitors.


What is that to the far left?  Yep, it’s a fireplace that actually puts out heat and is operated with a remote control.

 The finishing touch for this meditation room.

Say No to Brown

Here is the other playhouse, with the WRONG color of paint.  Just another example of how a designer can ultimately help you save money.  You see, we worked on these houses while the client was out of the country and were making daily trips to the construction, upon the request of the client.  This enabled us to catch the error and get it corrected the next day.


Once we changed the paint color, it all came together.  A hideaway that that is every little girls dream.


We have yet to do the interior design on this charming little playhouse.  When we do get this design finished we’ll be sure to share the results here.   This playhouse is about half the size of the other house, but it still has a napping loft just like the other playhouse.

Full Size Playhouses

The Finish Project – A Life Sized Playhouse

So what do  you think?  If you are interested in the playhouses here is the link to large playhouse (click here), I’m not sure where the smaller  playhouse came from.  Please keep in mind that we highly customized both of these playhouses, so the “kits” will not end up looking like those in our pictures.

I would really love to hear your comments, or just drop me a note to let me know you stopped by and said “hi”.




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